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I need help...


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I had the perfect perch for scanning the bottom below, along with the hillside directly across from me. Despite the low lying fog and the mist coming down, which made it nearly impossible to see through my scope, I continued to scan the area for the signs of coyotes. With bow season being out, it was time to do some damage to the local song dog population. I was using a borrowed .22-250 complete with a new fangled red dot scope. I was beginning to get comfortable with the scope when I caught movement on the hillside a few hundred yards out. Playing with the zoom on the scope, I settled in on a sight I was not expected to see that morning: a magnificent 8-point with mass that went on for days!

I sat in stunned silence watching the buck feed on the hillside, amazed that he was still carrying such a massive set of headgear in late March. Almost like a gift from the deer Gods, the old buck shook the morning mist off his coat and in the process, dislodged both sides of his rack. “Did that just happen?” I thought to myself. Instantly, I began scanning the area where the buck was feeding desperately hoping I would spot both sheds laying in the weeds at his feet. “Eureka!!!” I shouted at the sight of both sheds laying less than a few feet from one another, breaking the morning silence in the process. “Finally!!!” I thought. “A matched set of sheds and I got to see it happen to boot!!!”

As I gathered my gear in preparation for my long walk to an awaiting prize no one would believe, I caught movement flashing through the trees in the bottom below. “Holy sh…” I couldn’t finish the statement before two of the largest bucks I have ever seen darted past my location hell bound for safety at the other end of the bottom. Again, I stared in amazement at these bucks as the bounded away, all the while wondering why they were still carrying racks of that stature this late into the shedding season. Once the bucks had disappeared and my bewilderment subsided, I started down the hill making a beeline for the sheds a few hundred yards away.

Once again, a flash of movement caught my attention and I turned to see a group of men headed my way. Within seconds, I recognized that these men were after the same thing I was after, sheds! I was upset at their presence, even more so when I saw the pile of antlers they were carrying. We talked for a few minutes, all the while chocking back my anger at the situation unfolding in front of me; then they moved on down the bottom. As I watched them disappear into the fog, I secretly hoped the wilily old bucks that had just vanished up the very same bottom, would hold on to their antlers just long enough to elude the group of men hot on their trail. I was certain my shed finding luck had just begun and I would be back to continue this run of luck another day.

“Ok, he was standing riiiggghhht about here…” I was scanning the hilltop I had been perched on all morning in an attempt to verify I had taken the right line to my current location. “I remember this patch of dirt. He was standing right here. I’m sure of it.” My casual search for the massive set of sheds quickly turned into a feverish one, then into a panicked one. “How in the hell? Where did they do? WTF?!?” I could feel the cold sweat, the anxiety, the dismay. It was all building to a breaking point. Then like a freight train, it hit me…


"Shit… 7:15 already. Thank God it’s Friday…" :smiley_coffee:


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NW Ohio Tundra
That's just about as good as the dream I had the other night, except I was awakened by the alarm just as that beautiful brunette was getting ready to wrap her lips around my........well, you know.:smiley_crocodile:


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Bahahahaha thats fuggin hilarious man. I actually had a dream similar to that a few months ago... where I watched a big buck run across a field and drop both sides.