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I Pledge Allegience...


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Cotty thanks for sharing, I used to watch ole Red doing his routines on his comedy show and he always had us laughing... A true comedian that didn't need to stoop to using profanity in his act to get people to laugh... Thanks again for sharing it.... I also found it amusing his last statement about adding God to the pleadge and making it a prayer and being banned in schools.... He was a head of his time wasn't he?????


Super Moderator
Super Mod
North Central Ohio
Great video. I am glad my kids go or have attended a Catholic school where they still say the Pledge every morning just as we did as kids.

PC is killing us as individuals and making the country soft. Pretty sad people get fired from their jobs for having an American Flag in their office/cubicles. Soon enough we will no longer have Christmas or Christmas programs for our kids because it is a religion based holiday and songs. They have censored our books,music,games, and made people pay hard earned money for saying aloud the wrong choice of words. Sad state of affairs in a country that use to stand for FREEDOM if you ask me.