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IB's trapping thread


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Linn County Iowa
Joe's thread has gotten me motivated to get out and trap worthless coon a bit too. Damn that fugger!
I plan to leave work a few hours early tomorrow and set a few at the farm. I can't get too crazy with it as my buddies are still trying to fill their tags and don't want me setting in certain corn plots.
I got a bunch of DPs and 220s ready, and am sure I will not set them all tomorrow but would rather have too many than not enough.
For DP bait, I bought the cheapest cat food I could find and mixed it with cherry'ish smelling bait I picked up at a convention a couple years ago. I also did a mix with some persimmon oil (smells real sweet). And have the standard marshmallows. I plan to document what I put in each trap to see if there is a preference.
Although they tend to not be as productive, I just love blind setting 220s in their trails. Just a bit more satisfaction in a catch for me.


Went and set just after lunch today. Got 34 DPs and 5 220s out. I had my little helper Shea along. She ate most of the marshmallows and helped pound a few stakes in. She is super stoked about tomorrow's check!

Most of DPs were set in groups of 2 to 4 either were it looked 'coony' or where we had some intel from our deer cams. One deer cam that we have on video mode shows several passing in front of it every night, so I set 4 there and am hoping to get a catch on video.






Here is where I had a 'quadruple' catch a few years ago. Just set 3 here today, and don't have real high hopes for it as the plot is beans as opposed to corn this year.


A few of the 220 blind sets.


Fun check with Shea this morning.
We had 6, all in DPs. The 4 traps I had in front of the cam that I thought would be golden had nothing. The cam showed 1 coon passing by them and it sniffed them, but kept going. Usually there are 6-9 that pass it a night, so maybe they weren't moving too well?
Too bad they are not worth much this year as a few of them are really nice furred big boars.
We'll see what tomorrow brings. It will be Shea's birthday and she is excited to see what we get!!
Happy Thanksgiving!



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