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In the stand again

Back in the stand.smoked up lastnight and before walkin in and at the base o my tree was a ugly ass posum digger...just went bout my business and climbed up got situated and now I am listen to bob and tom waiting on the sun rise


Tatonka guide.
you guys are nuts....watching and listening to the woods wake up is one of the outdoors greatest prizes...you guys need to get unplugged
I usually listen to the woods but today I felt like some laughs. Todays total one possum,five baby tree rats, one black rat. On my way out round ten bc of daughters doc appt. I see a pick up parked on the railroads on the back side of the woods opposite of my stand. So I jump down onto the grass way along the tracks and I see a large deer track that was from.the morning, it seemed to be running so I am.pretty sure the farmer kicked him up when he parked on the tracks. Oh I forgot to mention the deer tracks were running out of mysection and across the road
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