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Indian Lake 2018

Little slower today. Took Greyson and the FIL today. Brought 8 keeper saugeye, 3 crappie, and a perch home. Caught a million smaller saugeye and catfish. Pics of keepers to come later whe i gather the energy to clean them. Dont tell Greyson i posted a pic of him in the pink lifejacket. He is a bit pissed he had to wear it. Didnt realize he outgrew the other one, haha
Made it out today with Greyson and my nephew A.J. They had a blast. We got 12 keeper saugeye, 2 keeper crappie, and kept 5 catfish, one being a 26.5" fish ohio channel cat that A.J. got. We probably caught a dozen more cats and thirty short saugeye. We easily coulda brought home a bunch more, but i let them do all the fishing, so we missed quite a few pullbacks and lost quite a few on the way in. I just drove and handled the fish. With the overnight threat of rain, we had the lake to ourselves.
Forgot to add to this. It was sketchy whether to go or not Saturday. It was pouring at home but radar showed everything would stay a mile or two north of Indian lake. I went solo. The wind switched directions about five different times, and no real color pattern or spot to key in on. Lots of searching to get five keepers. I butchered the net job on two other keepers that are still swimming. A few nice Crappie and caught a bunch of nice catfish. For you guys that troll, if you dont own Flicker Shads, go get some.