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Insulated Bibs


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SE Ohio
You can't go wrong with the Whitewater Outdoors Realtree Pro Series. I'm in my 4th season with my reversible fleece and waterproof bibs and I love them. Bass Pro and Cabelas make some great products as well. But the reversible Pro Series from Whitewater is money well spent.


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Norton, OH
I just bought a new set this season from... of all places.... walmart. Not bad. It's remington stuff, waterproof, realtree, and pretty warm too. A touch on the noisy side, but not the worst I have heard, and really not that noticable. I have noticed only certain stores have it, and some will carry the bibs, and not the jacket, and vice versa. I think I got the whole suit for $140.


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Up Nort
The Red Heads are cheaply made. Most of the snaps have busted or ripped through the material on mine. I recently bought a pair of Wals coveralls at BassPro on discount for $39. That was a major steal. Since the reviews are so good on the Cabela's, I would go with them.


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I've got a pair of black Carhartts but I froze my ass off in them. I'd like to get something just for hunting...we'll see...

(They do make Camo Carhartts and I'm considering those as well)

Right now I am tossed up between two Cabela's pairs and will probably pick one..I'll let ya'll know how they turn out.
walmart sunny boy........ i dont know who makes him cause im not in front of the clothes tag , but those things are warm , just baught me a set few weeks ago , and sat in 30 degree weather catfishg couple nights ago , just to test em out


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The buckle on Carhartts lays down flat. My Redhead raingear bibs have a big ol' plastic buckle that sucks when yer trying to put a gun to your shoulder. (I love 'em except for that)

I wear either sweatpants or red-checkered flannel lounge pants underneath my insulated Carhartts and stay warm as toast.

Think about the buckle when yer tryin 'em on.....just sayin'


Tatonka guide.
ernie i may have suit you can borrow if you want to use it and do some more research. its water proof too.


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I went ahead and pulled the trigger on those bibs from Cabela's. I'll have to write up a review after I wear them a couple of times. I looked heavily at other brands and even some other Cabela's bibs but decided that that's what I wanted. All of the reviews say that they are waterproof and very, very warm. The only thing on my mind is how freaking cold I was during muzzleloader season last (13, -15 windchill) and since January hunting will be in my future, I went ahead and got 'em. I go cheap on most of my hunting stuff (poor college kid) but I decided that since I've got the cash from my fellowship, it's ok to buy something nice that I can take care of (preserve with hickory smoke) and use for many seasons to come hopefully. Can't beat Cabela's customer service either.

I was going to get them in Realtree Hardwoods AP because that's what most of my stuff is, but I waited too long and those were backordered, so I got the Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity or whatever...we'll see what it looks like.