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Internet deer hunters


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That's a pretty funny little skit lol.

Reminds me of the days when you could download that purple gorilla and type stuff in and make him say it lol.

That thing Rocked!

When i was in the military at FT Knox. I once typed up this whole Skit and called a buddy at his work number. He was bitching that his wife was doing all those internet surveys and crap, trying to win dollars etc.. You know those stupid adds "Click here and take a quick survey to win cash". They're scams mostly just to get you email. So anyway i typed up the following in the Bonzi buddy and called him...

Hello Jim.. Congratulations... You have won our survey contest. We are calling to notify you of your winnings. You have won a lifetime supply of Mayonnaise from LifetimeMayo. We will drop ship via freight carrier your winnings. We are pleased to present you this prize of lifetime mayonnaise. Please tell all your friends who has given you this great prize...

I went up to his desk about an hour later..

"Dude.. You aren't going to believe this.. My stupid wife just won a lifetime supply of mayonnaise from one of those stupid surveys. They said they are going to deliver it via freight.. What the fuck am i going to do with all that Mayonnaise? Jesus Christ!"

I kept a straight face and went back down to call his wife and let her in on the gag.

Three days later she called all hysterical saying there were two semis outside and they were unloading pallets of mayonnaise. She was fake crying Saying she didn't want it, take it back, etc. I was there at his house saying real loud. "Look Lady, i just deliver it" HEY! I need to get this off my truck get out of my way"... Etc

He rushed home to try and get them to stop unloading, only to find me rolling in the yard laughing my ass off.