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Investing in Cannabis


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NW Ohio
We are missing it. There are secrets Wall Street won't tell us. Ever wonder: when the market dips 5-10% and people "lose" millions and billions. . . Where does all the money go? Everyone put their money in. Prices drop. What happened to all the money we invested. Did it just disappear? Who is holding it?

I think we are doing it wrong. We are trying to pick the winners. Maybe we are backwards. We should be picking the losers. Bet backwards. Why not buy and sell options? Be easy to predict the winners and losers right now.

Winners: vaccine manufacturers and some pharmaceuticals. Hand sanitizer companies. Latex gloves and mask companies. Colleges shutting down equals alcohol sales up, online porn increase, and increased need to upgrade country to 5g faster. Just to name a few.

Losers: brick and mortar retail sales taking another hit, Disney (unless their new streaming offsets amusement park attendance losses), casinos, sports and concert venues. Airlines are gonna hurt. Tourist destinations. AirBNB/hotels/car rental places going to be beat down.

Why not bet like George Soros? He shorted entire currencies and crippled nations. I bet he is smiling now and shorting a lot of companies taking a hit from this virus.


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Should have dumped more in than I did.