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iPhone and Droid Apps - Who uses what?

Who is using what apps on their iPhone or Droid device?
Anybody using any hunting related apps?

A few I find helpful is:

Tapatalk - allows me to use and visit this forum via my mobile device
Google Maps - allows my to see aerial/satellite pics of my hunting areas and mapping
Time2Hunt (free version) - shows peak game activity times for past 7 and future 7 days
based on the moon phase/lunar calendar.

I thought maybe we could share some of what we us and are worth downloading and possibly which ones to avoid.


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NE Ohio
Droid;-all free

bubble level
barcode scanner- will search out local stores w/ pricing-beat down Best Buy on some electronics cause some other store had item cheaper.
droidlight-w/lightbulb icon
GOOGLE SKY MAP-very cool!


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Norton, OH
On top of everything listed, I have an app called MyTracks. It uses the GPS and records your track. I used it this year to follow my track job on my buck and then marked where it laid so I could come back to it (super thick and young woods) I have also used it to mark stands. You already have time2hunt. Those are what I use the most. I also use Weather Channel, and I have Score My Rack, and the venerable Angry Birds. ;)