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Irish Setter Rubber Boots


Senior Member
Seems like $145 would buy you a pair of Lacrosse or Muck boots, both trusted brands. Not saying that Irish Setter (Red Wings) are bad because I have zero experience with them, but why mess around?

I bought a cheap pair of Ithacas from Dunahmns and burnt a hundred holes in them in a year. A good argument later I turned around with my money and a little more and got a Cabelas' pair. No problems, of course I have only worn them about 2 weeks worth - but I know that I can turn around and put 'em in a box and Cabela's will treat me right!



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Southeast Ohio
I've been looking at the Much And Lacrosse boots, and had considered the alpha burly's, but the Irish setters seemed like they were made with thicker material in the spots that I always end up developing holes.