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Joe Rogan Podcast


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SE Ohio
Anyone else listen to Joe Rogan's podcast?

That dude has the best job on earth! He calls all the UFC events and then he sits around his office smoking dope and drinking beer while him and his comedian buddies bullshit for 2 hours once a week making a podcast. I'm addicted. So far, the one with Joey Diaz is my favorite. They talk about farts and I was literally laughing until I cried while putting trim back down in the house the other night. The ones with Doug Stanhope (they are plastered), Bill Burr, and Dane Cook are also classics. Just something about listening to these guys bullshit catches my attention.

If you have iTunes, you can listen free through that. If not, you can watch the podcasts here: http://blog.joerogan.net/


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Haven't listened to it yet, but I heard him on Bob and Tom last week talking about it.

He seems a little strong for the average person to listen to, he can rub me the wrong way sometimes with his yelling ala fear factor.