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Just lost land...


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Hudson, OH
Just found out from a landowner of a small parcel I had permission for that he sold to the farmer across the street. It is only 20 acres and I have only ever taken turkey off the property, but I had sole permission to it. Good news is because I always adhered to the guys wishes and treated the place as I would treat my own land he said he will talk to the farmer who purchased it to see if I can still hunt there.

I will talk to the new farmer on my own but awful nice of this guy to offer to talk to him for me. They are still neighbors after all.

If the new owners is ok with me being out there it may actually be a good thing cause his farm is across the street. He doesn't have woods but his fields go up to big woods on the west. I would have to hunt out of a tree basically on the boarder of the woods/field/property line, but it could be sweet. The big woods is for the most part not huntable! Evening hunts would be awesome with deer filtering out of the woods from west to east into the field. My problem if this all works out would be getting out at night with deer in the field...oh well, worry about stand access if I can get permission first.

If it is a complete loss, at least it isn't the main property that I hunt.


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Do your best to show your appreciation to the farmer and maybe you will get permission to the big field.

In order to not spook deer out of the field have a friend start up your vehicle and drive it into the field. They are less spooky about vehicles and you wont give up your stand position.