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Keeping my fingers crossed


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Crawford county
looks like the overtime train is coming down the track in a couple weeks.

I have been hearing at work that we are gonna be gearing up to start working a lot of overtime. As of yesterday it looks like thats gonna start in about 2 weeks, great, just in time for deer season. I was hoping we would be able to get enough help on the job that we wouldnt need to work overtime but that dosent look like its gonna happen.

so now I am trying to figure out exactly which weekends to put in for that cant work.
I am definately gonna take off the weekend of the opener, I was in my stand opening day last year, I intend to do it every year. I am thinking about the first and second weekends in November. I would like to also get the third weekend but that might be pushing it a bit. will be wanting at least a day during gun season and the muzzleloader off.

now I just need to hope I dont get put on the second shift, that would really screw things up.


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Gods Country
I would go for the first and second weekend of Nov. without a doubt. I would not like to miss opener either but if I had to chose, Nov all the way bro.

Look at the bright side. You should be able to get your daughter a new bow after this job.