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Kentucky bass boat winner

JD Boyd

*Supporting Member*
Joe won a bass boat in a raffle drawing. Took it home and wife was pissed. She asked Joe what the hell he was gonna do with that. He said I'm gonna fish. She said we live a 100 miles from the closest lake, sell it. He said no I'm gonna use it.

She came home from work one day and Joe was in his new boat in the middle of the 100 acre field across the road from there house just casting out in the field. She yelled out to him " What the hell are you doing Joe"??? He said I'm fishing... She thought you dumbass.

He was still out there an hour later and other cars were stopping and wondering what the hell??? So she called her brother. He gets there jumps out of the car and yells "What the hell are you doing Joe??? You're what gives Kentuckians a bad name !!! If I could swim I'd swim out there and kick your ass!!!