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Kev's cell cam pics


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Did something kinda dumb. I want to try a Tactacam but they can't be found for the 99.00 price. I'll wait until supplies are back up & my reward points add up all the more. Anywhoo, with the luck that I've been having with my Spypoint Micro LTE, I wanted to give the Micro Solar LTE a try since I was able to find one marked down. My Micro has been going just about 3 months so far on lithiums & will probably go longer since it's not in a high traffic route. I have it designed that way so I don't have to pay for its data plan. I should have just bought a regular Micro LTE, or for cheaps sake, a Cell Link, but I'm curious on the solar aspect & by just leaving it someplace & forgetting it. Sounded like a good analyzing project, so we'll see how this next year plays out