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Kody got his first rabbit


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Ol' Daisy still got it! She's my 11 year old dog. She ran three rabbits. One went straight to a hole. Another she lost after my buddy missed it. The third Kody shot.
Our pup Molly went out for the first time and just kinds hung around us as expected and followed the other dogs However, she tore into the rabbit after Kody shot it. I think she's gonna be ready soon.



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North Carolina
How'd she handle the shooting???? Pup's are a little tricky sometimes lol.... Congrats to the youngin..... It's an addiction that I've had for over 35 yeras lol.....


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Gods Country
It is great to see you out there with your boy. Take him as much as you can, once the turn old enough it is uncertain which white tail they'll be chasin.