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FOR SALE Lacrosse boots; Rem. 1100 20 ga. scope mount


Active Member
Norton, OH
Discovered I have a neoprene allergy, so after 1.5 seasons of light use, I need to get rid of my Lacrosse Alpha II's. They are the 5 mm version in Mossy Oak treestand. Great boots, very warm, very comfortable. This is exactly what they look like, I will try to get a picture of the actual boots when I get a chance, but they are in great shape.
Starting at $100 obo.

Also, I have a B-square scope mount that fits a 20 ga. Remington 1100. Not sure if anyone has this gun or needs this mount, but I have one. It's brand new in the box. Never mounted. Like to get $40 tyd.