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Lawnmower Blades


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North Carolina
Maybe I am thinking wrong but the only reason I didn't get mulching blades yet is because I use mine as a brush hog often, especially down on the farm. Getting clogs in the chute with all the tall grass and bogging down the mower was my concern. Don't care about leaving long cut grass trails behind, that doesn't concern me. Around the house I would definitely like a mulching set, maybe next summer after Allen is in college LOL! He's my tall grass rake for now!
I put a blocking plate on my chute and use the high lift gator blades. No issue and i run over lots of stuff that I probably shouldn’t…. Blades last a season, and I mow a 3/4 mile long driveway with2 passes on each side average. Not counting the acre at the house.
Well here is the update in changing out the blades on the mower. Looks like I found the culprits for the reason I was getting tall grass stripes as I mowed LOL!

I’d say they got a little thin and perhaps a touch out of balance LOL!


here they are all mounted and ready to go. Boy did they cut nice! Guess I should have gotten new ones a year or two ago LOL!

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There’s getting your monies worth then there’s this 😂😂😂

check them at the end of season, they’ll at least need sharpened if not changed out again….
I used to swap the 2 sets of 3 each year, sometimes mid summer. Got well over 20 years on those 2 sets and they always balanced when I put them back on. Yeah they kinda looked like sickle's after I got them sharpened each time the last few years though and certainly pushed them beyond their intended limits.