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Learn to Hunt: Classes Start August 2019

Southern Ohio

In August, the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation will hold its third Learn-to-Hunt education program for both youth and adults. The Learn-to-Hunt Program takes participants from the classroom to the field, and will eventually bring them to the table for a game dinner! This nine-week course is designed for those with little or no outdoor experience. Sign up here.

The Heritage Learn-to-Hunt Program is offered free of charge. This is made possible through the generous assistance of our volunteers, business partners and individual donors.

The Learn-to-Hunt program takes students through four phases:

Phase one and two: will launch Thursday, August 15, 2019 from 6 to 9 p.m., at Fairfield Fish & Game Association 2270 Bickel Church Rd NW, Baltimore, OH 43105. (Weekly classes will end October 10). Participants will receive a hands-on hunter education, and will learn the principles of hunting and firearm safety and skills. You will develop a respect and a comfort level with the firearms that will be used during the program’s pheasant hunt. The course will offer an understanding and experience of hunting in groups, hunting from elevated positions and crossing fence lines. To complete the course, the State of Ohio Division of Wildlife Hunter Education test will be taken. Click here for full course agenda.

Phase three and four will take place on Sunday October 13, 2019 at the Elkhorn Lake Hunt Club, 4146 Klopfenstein Rd, Bucyrus, OH 44820. This portion of the course will involve working with a mentor who will act as a guide on the pheasant hunt, and who will also teach and aid in cleaning and preparing a bird for the dinner table. After the hunt, all participants, their families, volunteers and partners involved in the learn-to-hunt program will sit down and share a meal of the harvested birds. All fixings and complementary dishes will be provided. This meal is a celebration of the experience, and hopefully will garner an enthusiasm that will empower individuals to become lifelong hunters.

This program makes provision for all educational materials, firearms, ammunition, hunting licenses and fees. Youth must be accompanied by an adult also interested in learning to hunt. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or physical ability, all are encouraged to participate. Those who wish to partake in the hunt are obliged to attend all phases of training.

For additional information or questions please contact Frank Price, Director of Education at fprice@sportsmensalliance.org or 614-888-4868.


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Most people here don’t kill by choice.

9 week course...man, I think any of us could learn something from it.


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Speaking as someone who would benefit from this in so many ways, no not wrong at all. You're passing along valuable information, and how can that be wrong?
I think he was being coy and joking about tagging friends who currently hunt, as in they need help. .

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