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Les Stroud returns


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Norton, OH
He has a new show on Discovery called Beyond Survival with Les Stroud. Basically going around and experiencing survivalist cultures, you know, live off the land stuff. Watched the 1st episode off of DVR tonight, seems like a good premise and should be a good show. I always liked his show WAAAAAAYYYY better than that Bear Grylls idiot. And the new ones are pretty bad too. Stroud actually DID IT on Survivorman, and I miss that show. No magical editing needed....


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Yup, Les is one of a kind. I miss Survivor Man and wish it was still on. Evidently the show got to him though and he found it hard to physically recover after an episode. It's unfortunate because he had talent, knowledge, and was a one man show. Also, I understand he has realeased a couple music CDs. He's a neat guy. The only thing I didn't like about him was how he explained that he was "forced to kill" animals because he's "in a survival situation", as if his intent for this explination was to subtly hint that hunting for sport or pleasure is wrong.


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NE Ohio
I liked Les better as well. Felt sorry that he had to carry all that camera gear. Its a real pain-in-the-ass to set up those shots, do it then go back and collect the gear.


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Survivorman was a great great show, way better than Bear Grylls "How to Kill Yourself in the Wild." I'm sad it is gone. I'm not sold on this new show yet, but the very first Survivorman wasn't his best one either. It got better as time went on.


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I agree Bear is a idiot. But the husband and wife team are worse I thought it'd be funny but she don't know shit but how to run her mouth. strange even with an accent it still gets on your nerves.


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Les is the best survival tv personality - bar none...but the fugger has an enviromentalist/global warming agenda that grates on my nerves. His new show is ok until he starts talking about that crap. Although on Friday's show I noticed he was wearing a paracord bracelet so I had to get out the 550 and make me one. In fact I made one for the whole family.