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Liberty Gun Safes....


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Sunbury, OH
Gotta give Liberty Gun Safes a big kuddos for customer service. We built my parents house "around" three of thier large safes. It is where I keep 90% of my guns. We had a problem with one of the locking mechanisms and they will not come up the stairs (TOO big). They are sending someone out to service them free of charge with no hassle.

P.S. I just bought 3 gun lockers (quick access) to keep at the farm, my house and upstairs at their place at Menards for the great price of $77. They wouldn't take much more than a crow bar, sledge and about two minutes to break into but I have them mostly to lock up my CCW and keep kids out.



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I have a Browning safe door that we built into the basement when adding on to the house. It has a push button combo. It must have gotten wet during construction or something. It got where you had to really push hard on the buttons to get it to work. I called them up and received a new pad in the mail. No questions asked.