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Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s


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SW Ohio
Fuggin Werewolf in the lower left hand corner holding a busted up 60” shed like he gonna kick somebody’s ass with it. Get TFO!😎
coincidentally though our parents got us a big book from the bookstore back in the 70’s(Greenish colored book jacket) that had all of those and much more. It had the cast members and characters of all the top horror flicks inside with inside info on the movies. I wonder if mom still has it but I doubt it. Prolly got thrown out with our CW McCall album...Wolf Creek Pass and the CB Radio made for Truckers album after we both moved out. Dang, those were some great memories 🤗👍🏻
Likes: Sgt Fury


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Back when you used to go to school and lie about how many times your dad made the speedometer go around. Now that 85 is cruising speed. I had vehicles that wouldn’t even do 85! 😂