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Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker


Bass fishing aficionado....
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Davie County, NC
Helped a buddy on active duty, he had an AMX and we chopped the top. Did some beef up on the motor and it ran well and looked a lot better....
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Buddy had a Gremlin w/ 3 on the tree and he let me barrow it one day. That car was radical and scary to drive in hilly, snowy condition let me tell ya. I remember that there was a few times I thought I wouldn't make home that day driving it through the mountains of the NY Adirondacks. That f'en car was scary and yet, kind of fun that day. I told my buddy about my nearly loosing it a few times and he just laughed his ass off at me, kind of like, he knew it was a death trap in those conditions and I'd get an appreciation of what he drove everyday back then. I'll never forget that day :LOL:
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NE Ohio
I raced agenst a gremlin back in the day. Nasty little bastard had put a 302 in it. He had the power but could not hold it down on the track.
All that motor and not a dime into the suspension.
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