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Lighted Sight

Huckleberry Finn

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Somebody educate me!

The sight I bought for my bow has a little light on it...I'm assuming for low light conditions, ie early morning or late at night. I've noticed that being the farthest east county on the 'west' side of the state, it's normally plenty bright enough to shoot come shooting light anyways...even though I guess bow season plays that half an hour before/after (whatever it is)...

Anyways, what the heck am I suppose to do, flip this thing on right before I draw back on a deer during last light...only to have the deer run away at the light? Maybe it's my shotty eyesight, but I can't see how lighted pins around going to help me hit a target behind the pins...wouldn't your eyes focus on the light and make what is behind it so much darker?

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North Central Ohio
My lighted sight doesn't do that. That my friend would not be good in low light IMO. As you stated, my eyes wouldn't be able to see past the light to see the dang target. My sight only shines on the fiber strands and doesn't enter into the sight pin area with the extra light. Dante's light sight does what yours is doing and I didn't like it on his bow either.

here is mine.

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The Crew
Actually there are more times than not in early season where the light will come in handy.
There will be more folage on the trees casting shadows where the light will come into play.
It should be simple enuff to turn on the light while picking up the bow for a shot, just have to watch the angle of the bow when turning on the light.
I've used them on 3D shoots and they work great. If the light overpowers your view of the deer then it is too dark to shoot.
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Yes it will be hard for you to hit a deer in low light conditions with a lighted sight that bright. I always just follow the rule that if i can't focus on my first pin anymore, it's time to hang it up. That's usually right around end of legal shooting light.
It helps me in the dawn and dusk hours. It just make the pins brighter easier to see. The pins on my sight are 0.010 and dont gather light as well as 0.019 or 0.029 fiberoptics. My light has multiple settings i find the lowest setting the most effective. ive never had a problem with focusing on the on the target or the light damaging my "nighteyes". But the light on my sight only iluminates the pins and not the riser like yours seems to do. I use my light a lot during 3d shoots as well.
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Central Ohio
Mine works great for when Im hunting out of my groundblind.

That's where I would see the biggest impact of having a light. I passed on a doe last year during the early part of the season, right at last light, under the cover of leaves & in the blind it was just too dark. I could see the deer, and see my pins, but when then when I went to hold the pin on her it disappeared due to low light not lighting up the fiberoptics of the pins. I let down and watched her walk on. No big deal, but I might have more heart ache if it was a giant buck and I couldn't see my pins.


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I think the one you have there is too bright, Huck. A light on your sight pins could be a big help in certain situations, but only if you can adjust the brightness. If you want a light, I would suggest getting a rheostat light... these can usually be adjusted to many different brightness levels. The picture that Adam posted shows about how you want it set up.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I had one on mine and it seemed to screw up my focus of my eyes when I tried to see past it. So once the battery went dead I never replaced it. I'm with Joe. As it starts to get dark and I can't see with my 20 yard pin, I head to the truck.


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Massillon, Ohio
Dont worry about it, it wont be that bright during dusk when you need it. I have turned mine on before and it just lights the fibers. In the pitch black its bright, but not at dusk/dawn


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I'll look at it this weekend. That looks more like one designed for indoor shooting (and blinds). We'll talk about them and I'll show you the one on mine. Viper got it right with their latest sight light...
The light system for my extreme is a tail light system...It only puts light on the rear most fiber tips..(which prevents haloing).The rheostat light is best(IMO) because you can adjust the amount of light level..That being said I have yet to add it..This sight is similar to how i modified my old CJ an I ran out of light to see the animal well before my pins got dim with it


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Norton, OH
Huck, I have turned my light during low light it's very difficult to see past the pins unless the target is "illuminated." I have the tru glo microbright and all the pins are green. Very easy to see, and I actually tend to still be able to see my pins after legal light anyways so I don't have much use for the light (I lost it during a hunt anyways.) As some have said, mine only lights up the pins too, not the whole housing. My old sight worked like yours though. I would say a ground blind or heavy shadows is where it might come in handy.