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Lightning strikes twice?


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300 yards means that she's been practicing a lot. And that she's been coached well. And that she's confident. This is awesome. Even more awesome than all the venison is the time you're spending together, in which she's obviously a willing participant. Lucky dad, not all teen girls are like that. Congrats more so on that!


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NW Ohio Tundra
Thanks for all the positive comments guys. She is a one of a kind thats for sure. Indiana implemented a rifle season 4 years ago as part of their gun season. We have Been taking my 300 win mag over there. We actually stalked to within 200 yards of this deer. He was bedded with a doe and another smaller buck. The doe stood up finally and started feeding directly away from us. Then the buck soon followed her. Problem was the small buck remained bedded and looking right in our direction. We had no ground cover at this point and couldn't crawl any further without being busted by the little half rack buck. All the while, the big buck and doe fed straight away from us without turning broadside. Finally he stopped and was quartering away slightly and he stopped walking. I told her to hold about 2 inches below his back. She steadied the gun on the shooting sticks and the wind was fairly calm. I knew the gun was capable from that distance with the 180 grain bullet. She fired and it seemed like 3 seconds before we heard the wallop of the bullet hitting the buck. Dropped him right there!.