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Services Line X of Franklin Beware!


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
Wow! What a joke of a business. Here's my "testimonial" to Line X corporate office.

"I took my new 2011 GMC Sierra to the Line X location in Franklin Ohio. When I went to pick up my truck, I took a $25 coupon off the Line X website and asked if the business would accept it. Although he stated he would not, the worker proceeded to argue with me and even insulted my intelligence. I was very disappointed that I had spent $500 and was treated poorly. I will make sure none of my family, friends and co-workers take their trucks to a Line X dealer"

"In addition to my first complaint, I forgot to mention how dirty my truck was after they had put in the Line X. The back window of my truck was so dirty I could barely see out of it on my way home. Prior to taking the truck there, it had been washed and detailed. Now, I am inconvienced by having to get my truck washed.

Thanks Line X of Franklin! You guys really run a great business!"

Nothing like spending $500 and getting treated like a piece of crap.