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Listening yet?


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
I know it's still early, but is anyone out listening yet? I enjoy hearing them gobble as much as pulling the trigger on one. I made the trip down to the farm today. It's been a month since I pulled my cards and I also needed to frost seed some left over clover I had in the garage. I hit the road ths morning about 5:45am, but got down there a little later than I liked. I pulled into my lower gate at 7:30 to frost seed one of my food plots while the ground was still somewhat froze. When I got out to unlock the gate I heard a hen justing tearing it up up above one of my lower food plots. She was cutting and yelping like crazy. Soon after a series of cuts I heard what sounded like 2-3 birds fire off. They did this twice and then I never heard them again. I brought my lap top with me and from my cam pics what I was hearing was jakes more than likely. I have a flock of about 7-9 jakes running together. I have yet to see a longbeard on camera, all jake birds. I am also getting as many as 30-40 hens in one flock still.

Nonetheless, it was neat to hear them gobble. It should really ramp up from here on out. I usually hear the most gobbling around the first week of April.

Something else that surprised me was that I still have bucks holding antlers.