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LIVE from the stand 2020-21


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Gods Country
After a successful hunt at their private 40 this morning. Im headed out behind the house to the public land to do a still hunt. My one sister is sitting in the "she shed" she has never harvested a deer yet. So the an is to do a large circle still hunt and see if i can't slowly drive something her way. Good luck everyone.


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NW Ohio
My theory was correct. I played my cards right. The deer were where I thought they would be. The wind was ideal for my climber. Unfortunately, deer do deer things and tease us sometimes. Figured on them exiting to the south which would have been a slam dunk. Saw the two shooters and a third I couldn't identify with a large body. Even saw a fourth one that is respectable, but not quite there. They didn't exit south. They exited west and headed towards the road. Who woulda thunk? Not close. (100-200yds away.) No cigar.