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Live from the stand 2021/22


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North Central Ohio
Have been settled in for a little over a half hour now on some public land. Found a nice patch of white oaks absolutely dumping acorns with a fresh scrape in the middle of it. Don’t know a ton about this chunk, did about 3 hours of homework on it a few months ago. Perfect staging area before they head out to some standing corn upwind of my position. Hard to say what kind of pressure has already been in here due to rules stating you can’t leave a stand up over night, likely keeps a lot of people out. DOW officer said it’s very light pressure and plenty of deer. We will see.

PS it’s hot as balls.

You on public or private land in regard to the treestand overnight rule? If public, I'm not aware of this rule, and pg. 40 below still states as long as it's not permanent, it can remain annually.