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LIVE! From the Stand 2022-2023 Edition


Hunting with my boy tonight, see if we can get him his first deer


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The woods
My stand was on a rocky point. All the action was straight in front of me and straight down. Wind was in my face, light and variable. I passed many, harvested a dozen or so. Like always, the action was fast and furious in the last 45 minutes of daylight. View attachment 167922
Need to get together soon. You are speaking my language now.


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The Flatlands
With 3 deer in the freezer, I will be praying for cold weather and have a shooter show up on cam for the first time this season. As far as I can tell nothing on the properties I hunt nor neighboring properties has changed, first season I can remember not getting any pics of a shooter, even before season started. Strange. Time for some late fall smallmouth and walleye fishing I guess.


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Multiple deer showed up here @home this evening, which I previously thought about getting out earlier today with the thought of looking for a button specifically to harvest.

Well, I didn't make it out, probably because I wasn't highly motivated to do so deep down inside myself.

To be very honest with you all, I'm still struggling today with the fact that more than half of our resident deer (our local deer herd) are still missing and presumed dead at this point from the disease.

Just a real sad situation and difficult to come to terms with at times, especially when I think of the valid effort, time, money and hard work I put into helping grow a quality and healthy🦌 herd, which this year should've been the best year out of the past six, or since I've been living here.

I mentioned before the hunting season actually began that I would not be harvesting any 🦌 from out of the county I live in this year, due to the severe EHD outbreak, and I've kept to my word, but man, seeing those buttons pop-up on my cellphone Tactacam app surely made my mouth pucker right up with a mouth full of saliva when I first saw them, feeding at the feed-station this evening.

Anyway, on the upside of things, you can bet that I will be spending a bunch more time hunting the damn coyotes this winter within my neck of the woods here real soon!