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LIVE! From the Stand 2023-2024 Edition


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Killed another eater on a muzzleloader bonus hunt today. He came in running a doe straight up the river. Super cool to watch. Shot with a cva wolf, 350 gr hornady sst, 80 gr by volume of blackhorn 209, and a cci shotshell primer. Beautiful pass through and less than 5 yard recovery. I had planned on fresh heart for supper, but as you can see, the muzzleloader tenderized i a little to much. View attachment 188883View attachment 188884
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Who are you!!!! What’s next, you’re hunting out of a tree saddle and with a 6.5 creedmore? 😂😂😂😂

Good luck buddy!


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North Central Ohio
I’m in for some reason. Hasn’t been a deer on cam in 4 days and nothing during legal time since 11/30 so it’ll be a total waste of time but I don’t mind a little solitude. In a pop up blind with the stick bow so if something(button buck 😂) stumbles through it’ll be extra fun at 15 yards or less.

Good to know I'm not the only one still not seeing much activity still. Good luck TT!
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The Flatlands
Fugg me. Had a button slip by at 20. How and why the fugg did he not stop at my stupid bait pile?! I had the camera rolling, so I’m sure my commentary is entertaining to say the least. I tried bleating twice so he’d think mom was calling him home but he didn’t care. Now I get to watch him browse at 50 and slowly getting further. Cool to see and more luck than anticipated so I can’t bitch too much but wtf 😂