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Look out Jesse


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Super Mod
North Central Ohio
I see you have a new visitor at the feeder :D.



Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
That little bastard is the reason Remi started leaving the yard. If that dog would stay on his side of the woods line, so would mine. But Remi sees/smells a new friend and goes to investigate. Posses me off...


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Disclaimer: I DO NOT support the shooting of dogs.

That said, my good buddy told me a great story. They got new neighbors and a new dog showed up in the neighborhood. One afternoon he was out playing with his girls on the playset and the dog ran over, flat out. He threw the older good into the top platform and, while holding the baby, punted the dog with his work boots because it didn't stop. Dumb thing. The next time it came over, his cocker spaniel (who is gay) laid real low til the dog came on top of it and jumped up, grabbed its throat. Strike 2. Then his buddy the excavator down the road called him and told him that this new dog pulled his golden out of its electric fence and the golden had gotten hit on the road. Strike 3. The next time the dog showed up in his yard, right behind his new barn, my buddy put a .22 behind its year, called his buddy, and it got buried in an open pit 30 feet deep.

The best part of the story was that after hearing it we pulled into his driveway and were talking and his wife goes "oh look (pointing) there's that neighbor dog that keeps coming over!" "pretty sure that's a different one babe" "are you sure?" "uh...yea" "well, that one needs to be shot". .. we were trying to not laugh so much there were tears