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Looking to upgrade my archery setup

i use a shoot through type of arrow rest and fixed pins on my compound bow. I’m looking to try a drop away type test and a single pin adjustable sight. I’m looking at a ripcord drop away rest and either a HHA Optimizer or a Trophy Ridge React One single pin adjustable sight. Anyone here ever used one of these? Any other brands that I should check out? Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a QAD Ultra rest and a Vital Gear single pin sight on my bow... Nothing fancy but it works for me. I've always used one pin as I limit my shots to 30 yds and under. No need for multiple pins to get confused.


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Also, don't limit yourself to a single pin slider for hunting. Look into a spot Hogg multi pin with the slider or an axcel in the same setup.

I run a three pin spot Hogg and use my bottom pin as my slider pin.
I have the HHA king pin and really like it. My buddy shoots the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL with a double pointer. I really like the double pointer. It has two pins on one post. If I were to get another sight it would be that one. It is also cheaper than the HHA.

Personally I’ve always shot the QAD ultrarest. It’s never failed me so I have had no reason to switch. I shoot a Prime Centergy for reference.
We both still shoot the original Trophy Taker rests. I love them. Easy to set up, seemingly very accurate. Apparently bomb proof too. I break every thing. I've never destroyed a TT.