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Love taking kids hunting !

I was debating even going Muzzel loader hunting
As my freezer is full of doe's , duck and geese

But Monday I got a call from a cousin
I hunt his farms a lot some years , but not this year

His 12 year old son was ready to hunt
But he was going to be forced into working all week end

I have a soft spot in my heart for taking kids hunting

So I agreeded to take the boy out
Wen. I got a chance to look at what he had set up and did a little scouting

He had a feeder set up not far from ground blind
Nicely brushed

I had my cousin stash my Big Buddy heater , chairs , deer sled and other gear Thur
So we would not have a ton of stuff to haul out

I get to the house at 5 this AM
My cousin is about to leave for work and his son Jeff if ready to go

So we drive to the farm and make the 1/4 mile walk to the blind
Crank up the heater and get set up
Soon we hear deer moving around the feeder , but it is well before sunrise

As we got shooting light , I opend 2 windows enought for us to shoot

But nothing was moving expect for birds

Then the hard part for Jeff
He had to wait

Around 8 , 4 deer passed well out of range into the brush to our right
I was hopeing one or more of them would visit the feeder

But nothing showed
But Jeff was keeping still and quite watching for deer to our righ and in front of us by the feeder

But around 9 , I heard something to our left
So I looked

Sure enough a doe was not 150 yds away and coming in

So we did a quick change in set up and we both got our rifles ready

I told him to wait till it was closer and I also had a shot .......just in case

About 10 min later the doe walked onto a lane and was only 45 - 50 yds away
I told Jeff I was ready and to pick his shot and take it

A few seconds later I see the hair fly off the back side of deer and it just fell over

It got back up , but only made it 30 - 40 yds before it was down for good
Not a big doe , 70 lb feild dressed
But huge in the eyes of a 12 year old

As we aproched it 5 or 6 more deer were coming down the trail
But 1 was enough for us this AM

He helped me feild dress it and we drug it to where I could get the truck to it

Then I remembered I had forgot to turn off the heater and close the windows
Jeff ran the 250 yds each way and took care of them , kids :smiley_baby:

On the way to the check station he called 2 freinds , his dad and then his mother

His 10 year old brother wants to go deer hunting also
So I am planning on taking him out in the AM to help me
As his mother begged me

As the blind is ready and I know there are a lot of deer in the area

He may not last all AM
But if we just see a deer , that is enough



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Hudson, OH
Thats great John! Congrats to the two of you. How many times did you hear him tell the story today? Hearing kids tell the story never gets old.
Well Jeff was still bouncing around when I picked up his brother Steve this AM at 5:30
After the short drive
I hauled I hauled my stuff and stuff for him to the blind

Talk about wired
Steve was doing laps around me and he was hauling a small back pack of food , hand warmers and Hot Coco

Not sure how much cafine he had
But he was bouncing all AM , glad we were in a blind

Lots of stuff for him to watch
Even deer
But non came in to feed during shooting light
Well before shooting time ,a small buck was at the feeder
But was gone come shooting light

Of all things
The highlight of the hunt was a mouse that came in the blind and ate Jeff's left over crackers
That he forgot in the corner of the blind

No shots this AM as they were either all to early or to much brush

Going back to the truck
Again Steve was allover
But on the 10 min drive to his house
He fell asleep

Glad you guys injoyed the tale of the hunt
For me at least , the smile on a youngsters face
Is what makes the hunt worth it

Not killing a deer
That is just a bonous

Maybe I injoy it so much
Because when I was growing up , I had no adault to take me hunting
Dad had guns , but didn't hunt
He basicly gave me a how to course and then turned me loose in the woods

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Central Ohio
Great read John!! Trust me, your nephews will remember that stuff for the rest of their lives.

My Uncle was who first took me out when I was 14. I always wanted to hunt, but my Dad didn't hunt, and my Mom wanted me to be in high school before turning me loose. He taught my hunter's safety course, took me out fur gun season that fall, and the rest is history.


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Ashtabula, Ohio
I don't currently have a camera

I will see if my cousin took any of the doe before he cut it up


lol, that's Ok, it's what you did that counts. Just thought I would ask becasue I bet there would have been the biggest smile on his face.