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M&p ar-15


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Can anyone out there give me a hands on opinion on the Smith AR-15? I am currently looking into getting one and would love to hear pro's and con's. The sad thing is I don't need one, but always wanted it.


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My cousin has one and loves it. My honest opinion is nearly ANY of the new AR's are going to perform very comparable and most of us are not good enough to know the difference while firing them. With this said, I do realize we might have some competition shooters around here that would be the exception to this thought process. Personally, if I were buying new, Remington, S&W, Rock River, or a couple others would not scare me at all. I think they would all perform how they should and do what I would use them for. Just my 2cent.


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Sunbury, OH
IF you haven't purchased yet check out the deals on CDNN. They run great deals on the M&P.

I had one and it ran just fine. For an entry level AR I prefer a Delton for the price...unless CDNN is running thier special.

If you wanna spend money on a great AR go for Rock River.