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Maddie Bell


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Grove City
Im willing to bet she reaches out to somebody in the family within six months. Once the bloom is off the rose and the rent has to be paid and savings are gone...life has a way of kicking people in the ass.
Well this post seems to have been overly pessimistic. Instead of six months it was one. And instead of reaching out, she's all the way back.
Yeah her family was in Florida on vacation. She talked new boy into taking her to Florida. A day or so later she takes off with Cody who was in Florida with her family. They came back to greenfield and then were planning on going back to Florida to finish vacation. Nutty bunch.
That is what I thought l, but it seemed to stupid to be right.
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mike hunt

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No shit, about 15 years ago I drove to Chicago be to in the audience of the Springer show, I laughed the whole day. At the beginning, pre show warm up, I thought about leaving, I felt my wife didn't need to be in that crowd, I said fuck it I was having too much fun. Jerry really has a great sense of humor, I watch him laughing hard a few times at stupid shit that was going on, great time