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Meat or horn huner ?

Or a combo of the 2

I just wondered

I for one hunt mainly hunt for meat
But I am always on the look out for a decent or larger buck

I passed on a number of 2 year old bucks last year waiting for the big 10 point

Not afraid to say the doe's I shot tasted great



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i will shoot a doe if given the oppertunity, unless its that time for a follower to be on her tail. As far as horns go, i try to only shoot 3.5 yr olds and older. I think thats why i eat my buck tag so many years..... public land is a bitch sometimes


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Southeast Ohio
A person who says they are a meat hunter is just using that as an excuse for not being able to kill big deer :smiley_arrogant:

J/K Believe it or not though, I have heard several people say the above statement. I am a meat hunter. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I'm not an antler hunter; don't have the luck to be. I usually kill a deer or two a year, and that's it.


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NW Ohio
I just enjoy being out there. I would have to honestly say I am out there often because I want the head. However, I will watch a smaller or younger buck walk and take out enough does to fill my freezer too. Last year I decided I was done and used the buck tag on a doe. She finished filling the freezer up and I was fine with that. If there is not a mature buck in the area, then there is no point in sitting out there waiting to hit the lottery. This was late in the season when I did it. I guess I have to say "Both".
Swanton, Ohio
I am both. I like to kill deer. I kill a buck maybe every 3-4 years, I want to kill one bigger than my last, if I can't do that I am happy to kill does and buttons. I enjoy being out there and have learned the hard way not to settle for just a "buck". If you are happy just killing a buck more power to you, just not my thing.

I have some stands that I will kill a doe out of opening day, others I will almost never kill a doe out of, they are BUCK stands.


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SE Ohio
I'm a combo of both. I love deer meat, so tend to whack and stack does to the tune of 2-4 a year. I am on a wall-hanger every 3 years pace and I'd love to see that gap shrink. I hunt hard for big bucks and know the does will always be there. Killing does ain't all that hard around here, so it kinda takes away from the whole "meat hunter" ambiance IMO.


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NW Ohio Tundra
I am a horn hunter, I will admit it, but I also will shoot a doe or 2 along the way. My family eats 2 deer per year, I give away a couple deer each year, and I also get to hunt Indiana and Michigan, so I concentrate all my time hunting for horns here in Ohio.


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I'm non discriminatory and tolerant of diversity. I will knock a doe out early to shake the gitters and get the long anxious wait out of my system. From then until shotgun season i buck hunt... It is during shotgun i lose my give a shit and kill anything i got a tag for...


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Somewhere OHIO
I would have to say both. I start off the season looking to fill up my freezer or meat for family members that need it. I'm an equal opportunity hunter so if a good buck walks by I'll take the shot :D. You may not be able to eat antlers but damn do they look cool lol.


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NE Ohio
I have gone "deerless" to many years hunting horn. I Love the hunt and the meat. Don't get me wrong. I would love to have a wall hanger but last year I was happy w/ 2 young doe's. The buck was late season and a bonus.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County

I like to kill a doe early to get meat in the freezer first. Then I can just hunt for a good, quality buck. Just something bigger than the last one. Then after gun season if my buck tag isn't filled it's time to kill another doe.
Right on, I like to get a doe or two in the freezer early then focus on harvesting a decent buck.