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Member of TOO i need your help...ASAP

I am in a contest on facebook to win a FREE Hotshot archery release of my choice..The contest ends today at 11:59pm..I am winning as of now..But i need to expand my lead to assure a win...The guy who is in 2nd place is a Pro Staff shooter for a lot of company's as well as for the company doing the contest..That dont seem fair to me for him to even be in the contest . If he has ties to the company..So that makes me wanna win more.
I need everyone that has a facebook account to go to


An then click like on that page..After that post THIS SENTENCE BELOW on company's wall..

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I thank you for your time..Also feel free to add me on your facebook if you should choose to..Just add a note to me that your from the TOO website
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