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Midwest Whitetail Ohio


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SE Ohio
If you guys have not checked out Midwest Whitetail, you should. This is one of the things that gets me through the week during the season. I know Jason Huntsman in passing, but I know enough to know and he is a stand up guy. You'd be hard pressed to find a better man in the industry. There are some characters on the Ohio show, but I like that it is unpolished material. It's not over produced like Lee and Tiffany! Everyday guys just living the dream!

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Central Ohio
I talked to Jason at the expo for quite a while last March. Seemed like a really good guy, and I enjoyed talking bowhunting with him. I always look forward to the semi-live show to see what other guys have going on around Ohio. It just shows up in my email inbox once a week, can't beat that! All in all, I think the Ohio folks do a really nice job with everything.