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Mock Scrape


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Anybody ever make one?
Success stories?

I've never made one, but I figure I can experiment while trying to get the boy his first buck. Or is its a waste of money putting scents into this? I've also read about guys making them and whizzing in them themselves. Seems crazy to me, but I'll try anything to gain an edge.


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Somewhere OHIO
I decided to try one for the first time this year by taking a leak in it. I had a buck come along 3 weeks later and make a scrape right in front of mine and try to cover mine up lol. I don't know if it worked or not I gave up on it after that lol. Doesn't seem to have scared them away since they still come around.


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Allen County
I peed in a scrape, on the way out, tonight. We'll see how upset he gets about it, when I go back.

I think it works better, as far as seeing the buck that's making the scrape, if it's hunted during a new moon. A new moon doesn't allow them the night time pleasures of being able to see as much, so they tend to do their "nightly activities" during morning or evening hours. At least, that's been my experiences.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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I have made them and had good success when running cameras, but I can't say as I have ever had one be a productive hunting tactic. I pee in mine and it seems to work fine.
Its the same for me, I get tons of pictures (mostly at night) but I am yet to have any luck while hunting over one.


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I've made many mock scrapes that see some sort of buck activity, but it's usually only during nighttime hours. For increasing overall deer traffic, I think hanging a series of licking branches works the best. Usually bucks will end up making their own scrapes under the licking branches you tie up.


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NE Ohio
I have had some luck digging up a scrape from another area and then dumping it in a "man-made" one in my area. Just carry a 1 gallon zip-lock baggie. Worked 3 out of 5 times. Local buck tore it up 3 times. the other 2 got no activity. Have also tried the drip bag that only drips in day time... It never brought in a buck in day light... when I was there at least.
Swanton, Ohio
I never fool with them much in Ohio as I have never had too much luck with scents of any sort on mature bucks in Ohio. That being said...

In Mich. where any buck is a trophy I have had pretty good luck with them. I start them in late summer with scent leftover from the year before, buck urine, doe in heat, whatever. I have one spot I did it for years and by our big trip the first week in Nov. rolled around the local bucks had taken it over. I could count on a shot at a buck from that stand every year. It was just off a major trail bordering a thicket. Always young bucks that show up but most are in the land of 2 buck tags and rifles!!