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More movement?


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Massillon, Ohio
over food, im sure they will be stocking up big time. I put a crap load of corn out yesterday. I should go huntin but I am tired of sitting in the feezing temps getting skunked.

but im thinkin tomorrow morning would be stellar


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I am not sure what time the storm is going to hit, but I would be out tomorrow no later than 1 o'clock. If you have a food source to hunt, they will be there early! THat is, IF the snow storm is as bad as they say it is gonig to be!


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NE Ohio
Around here, they will move and feed before the storm. Seems the barometer is a good thing to watch. Once we get the front over us, they don't move much unless bumped.
Bitch is , in the thick of the lake effect on Saturday, I had 10-12 does move through (no shot) at noon... Not sure if someone walked into a bedding yard or what. Usually w/ a heavy snow storm, they just hole up.

I would be sitting over food 1/2 a day before the storm if its an established location to them.
Good Luck!


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I'll be heading out here as soon as Kody gets off the bus. The property owner said the deer came to the feeder at 6:00 yesterday. We left at 5:30 because the boys toes were froze, plus getting too dark. Hopefully they show a little earlier todfay and the boy can last since we won;t be out long.


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Soooo... I fudged up royally tonight. We had been finally getting patterns at our feeder and starting to get daylight pics. No great bucks, but a couple spikes. A four point and some doe. Every once in awhile a decent 7 but only at night. But, we are in the mindset of if it's brown it's down now. So we have our minds and plans set, we are going to sit at the feeder.
However, we pull in and the property owner, who is also feeding the deer, says that right after we left last night the nice 8 we've been after was at his food at 5:30. So, he talks us into this other spot behind his house. We sit down and not 5 minutes later we hear loud music. There are houses within 300 yards and somebody was cranking out "I will survive". Kind of ironic.
From this spot to our feeder isn't too far so I tell my dad to take a walk over the ridge and take a peak at the feeder through the binos. He signals back that there are two deer there.
Off we go! The stalk is on. Kody and I leave my dad behind and we begin the sneak down the hill and around with the wind in our face.
We get within 70 yards staying behind the thickets and stop. The 4 point is in sight. I get kody ready to shoot, but he can't see through the last thicket between us and them. I can see over it, but he's too short.
Just then I see two heads lift up a little further off, maybe about 20 yards past the 4 point. It's the 8 and the 7. I can see them but kody can't. Sumbitch!!!
We try moving closer but the 4 point busted us and it was all over.
Damn it! I was jacked. Jacked at myself for not going with my gut instinct and jacked for letting somebody who doesn't hunt talk me into doing something I knew wasn't the right move. One more try tomorrow. We will be by that feeder. I just hope we didn't booger it up and I hope they are moving during the storm because that is when we will be out. After school and one more try.


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I'd for sure be in clear, open range of that feeder ad you'll pop one, I hope...


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North Central Ohio
Thats the plan. I'll be heading there at 3:30. Get the boy fed and hit it. I'm still jacked about last night.

Cotty, brother check your sunrise charts again....5:20 is killin time stop for Jefferson.....5:21 for tonight.

Everything around here has gone nocturnal. The closest I have them to shooting time on camera is 6:32pm and 6:17am this morning. I took the day off, will be back in stand here shortly as I'm hoping they r smart and feed.....come on snow!!
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Just set up in our blind. 45 yards from the feeder with the wind in our face.

Kody and pap await some action. Fingers crossed!



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Yeah deer gun is sunset, not a half hour after. I almost screwed up the first year I hunted gun.

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