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Mosquito Lagoon


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This doesn't qualify as an out of state hunt, but it's what my brothers and I do when there is no huntin season goin on. This happens to be me and my cousin, but we hit up the flats a couple months ago and got on some monster redfish. These bull reds will fight ya for a good 30 minutes on medium tackle. They were caught in Titusville right by Cape Caneveral. It's my second favorite thing to do outdoors behind deer and turkey hunt. I'm just tryin to add a little to the forum since I spend most of my time askin questions... If any of you guys are every in the area, hit me up and we'll go see if we can find a few while the wife goes shoppin.



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SE Ohio
That looks like fun. I have a buddy in FL that wants me to come visit. Gotta find out where he's at. Maybe we could work something out if I head down his way...


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Norton, OH
I have caught redfish before, and the freakin' FIGHT! And they are delicious too. Inlaws own a condo in Cape Coral (near Ft. Myers) and I have been dying to get a boat for down there and hit the back waters.


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Man those are some huge reds! I've always wanted to do some fishing for redfish. I don't watch many salwater fishing shows, but I always tune in when they are fishing for these guys! It looks like a blast, especially with a medium spinning rod! And spot fishing is right up my alley! One day, I will do this...