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Mossberg 935 shooting 2 3/4 shells?


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I just bought a new Mossberg 935 and the manual says it can only shoot 3" and 3 1/2" shells. From the research that I have done the only reason is the light load might not cycle the new round in. I did take it out of the box and shoot two 2 3/4" shells through it and it chambered the next round flawlessly both times. Anyone have any info on the subject?

I used Remington Game loads
1290 FPS
1oz shot


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The research you have done is correct... sometimes they will jam 2 3/4 shells if dirty. Many Autos that can shoot 3.5 shells will though


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Sunbury, OH
With autoloaders the problem with the smaller shells is two fold:

Size - As Jlope has said they jam when gritty/dirty with the smaller shell in the same action.

Gas - Alot of autos come with a gas regulator so that you can adjust with different amounts of power loads. Most 3.5's are going to have more pressure than most 2.5's If the 2.5 doesn't have enough pressure the action isn't going to move with enough force.

The difference in energy between the two is the biggest reason for jams.