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mountian lion on jesses cam

or the biggest freakin house cat i have ever seen


Senior Member
jesse needs to staple a long tail to it so it looks like a mini mountain lion and start a rumor in ohio of mountain lions on the loose

Or just have some tall-tail telling sob start posting stuff on the internet like:

mountian lion on jesses cam


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I've caught a different cat twice a week for three weeks. I have a crazy cat lady two doors down and she keeps me stocked. My relocation program is proving futile :(


Super Moderator
Super Mod
North Central Ohio
hmmmmmmmmmmmm cat hunting

i never tell tall tails steve , i usually have photoshopped pictures to back up my stories

For some reason I believe this lol. I must say UK, Your a story tell SOB but I like ya anyway lol.

Even if I have to pull out the :BS2: on ya every once in awhile lol.