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Mouse or Chipmunk in the wall


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Hudson, OH
Last night and tonight at about 10 or 10:30 I start to hear something in the wall by the front door. Tonight I find where a hole has been made next to the door. Using a hanger to feel around in the hole I find insulation and shit coming out so the bastard is obviously chewing the hell out of stuff.

Thoughts or suggestions? Mouse? Chipmunk? Something else?

I am thinking the siding pieces next to the door need to come off to ensure what ever it is is out of there and to assess the damage. The hole obviously needs closed up as well. Problem is getting my wife to be able to sleep knowing something is in there and possible treating itself to some wires.


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NE Ohio
I've had em all over the years. Mice, bats, bees, chippys, and Red squirrel. I have even had 2 documented cases of wood ducks getting into the fireplace in the living room.( in the spring) One year after finally ridding my south wall of a red squirrel, I decided to replace the old tin recessed light fixture over the bed with a ceiling fan/light. I placed a old sheet over the bed and proceeded to remove the old tin light fixture. It was positioned between two 2x6 's in the ceiling. The tin box was really sorta dented in as if something had been pushing it in from the the outside in the ceiling. As I pulled it out a shower of pine cone seeds came spiraling down onto the sheet.

That damn red devil had been hauling in green pine cones for god knows how long. The heat of the light fixture had caused the pine cones to open up but in the limited space they had kinda locked them selfs together. I had to use the screw driver to "chisel" some of the cones loose. There was no attic over head, just a slightly pitched roof so the limited space was a perfect hot bed. I was lucky it didn't start a fire. I wiped out the entire red squirrel population in my yard after that.
I have had good luck plugging a hole with ooo steel wool. Mice don't like to chew on it... I will never use poison again. Aside from the risk of "good" animals eating it, it never fails... If the little bastard can drag his dieing ass back into the house and die in a wall next to your bedroom in the warmer months, he will. Just lay out a trap line and bait. my best is peanut butter. I have tried the sticky board but the ol Victor trap is still my favorite.

( Unless you count the night I had several mice in the trash bag in the garage... one or two would go in a hole they had chewed, drag out a little food and another from under the pallet I have wood pellets on would come and drag it away from the bag opening... "why you little bastards..." I went into the house and got my kids Red Rider BB gun and my safety glasses and went back to the garage and started work again. With in about 15 min. they were at it again. At a range of 10 foot, I put on the glasses, ( I was worried a BB would bounce off the floor, hit something and bounce back and shoot my eye out.) raised up "ol blue" and fired. Got One !! The second one came out from under the pallet and I missed the shot but moments later he re-appeared and I shot a little low but bounced it off t he floor just in front of him and hit him under his jaw. 2 down. By now #3 was aware something was wrong but he just had to go one more time for the hole. As he came out he offered a nice broad side shot and I fired. Now I can't say it was a heart shot but mid ships on a mouse w/ a BB is still a dead mouse at 10 foot. )

Some of the joys of country living.