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I hunted in Athens Sunday October 3rd morning and stayed with my original plan to hunt a double trunk tree that sits in the middle of a thicket. I arrowed a small doe from it a couple years ago and wanted to see what was going on in the area. With the wet leaves I was able to get in and set up quietly. As I was sitting there waiting for daylight a pack of coyotes sounded off on the opposite ridge, my hair was standing up but hoped one would come over as the day lightened up. At around 7am I heard walking and caught a small buck he managed to sneak behind me through the pinch and I watched him walk off. So far so good I thought, I had turkeys fly down from the roost and pick around. Then around 8am I heard a deep long grunt which sounded like it was just 30 yds but couldnt see any deer. About 20 minutes later I caught movement coming from my left, it was a small 1.5 yr old 7 point and I watched him walk through my wind and pass the stand at 25 yds(thank god for the smoker!). As I watched him walk through behind him was a bigger 8 point maybe 2.5 yr old and he followed the same trail. I watched these two move by as I caught more movement coming and I saw tree shaking back and forth and there he was. I saw the tall tines and bigger body of a 3.5 year old and glassed him quickly because if he followed I would get a shot. I decided if he presented a shot I would take it. He actually came closer on another trail, as I came to full draw he moved into a lane and I grunted and hit the release drilling him dead in the shoulder but passed through both, he mule kicked and bounced about 15 yds where I watched him wobble and finally stand on his hind legs and fall over backwards and he was down. What a day it was, I acutally saw about 6 different bucks in all and I am very pleased with him. Here are some photos...



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SW Ohio
Congrats on taking a great looking deer. Phil is right though, minimal deducts on this guy.........if there are any! LOL I personally like the way the beams sweep up and the long tines lean out, and did I mention the symmetry!