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My Dads UNICORN moment


Junior Member
I'm sitting at home on call working on October 1st in the morning when I receive a text from my Dad saying "Donnie, I've killed 4 hogs and I am heading your way". Now typically from my old man I have to do a little deciphering as he talks to text and those do not always turn out well. So I'm thinking that he was hunting and some dogs ran through and ruined his hunt in Zaleski. Well fast forward about 90 minutes and I get a knock on my door and its him asking me to come out and help get the hogs out of his truck, I'm shocked when he drops the tailgate and there are 4 hogs.. He begins his story with running a little late to bow hunt that morning and he is parked and gathering his stuff to head into the public woods there. As he begins into the woods he stops, there is something standing in front of him at 20 yards. Once he realizes what it is he eases his stand off his back and begins to cock his crossbow and place a bolt all the while the hog just stands there.. whack , he says it runs off near a creek so he cocks and loads another bolt. As he approaches the first hog down another appears.. whack and it runs off... he begins to cock and load another bolt to begin searching for that one which makes 2 hogs down. Same thing happens again, while looking for the 2nd hog another appears.. whack and now he is out of bolts with 3 hogs down. He is a CCW holder so he lays the bow down and begins to walk and look for the 3rd one he arrowed when a large group of hogs appears. He shoots a 4th with his pistol and decides to hold fire and begin the work of gutting, dragging and loading them into his pick up truck. My Dad is 68 years old and has hunted Zaleski for over 40 years, he often hunts for hogs with no success which is why I call this his unicorn moment. He said there were over 30 in the group he encountered, it was unreal which is why I thought I would share. 20171001_104138.jpg