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My first ever expedition.


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Norton, OH
Well, to praface the story, I have always wanted to get into bowfishing, but it has always been a time/equipment/whatever reason. Anyways, I was walking a pulic spot last week scouting for deers and ducks when I started following the creek and noticed quite a few carp trapped in the shallows (it's a reservoir, and they drop the water every fall) Sooo.... I got on my horse and dug out my older brothers old wal-mart special Black Bear compound that MIGHT push arrows at 50 FPS if I move the bow forward while releasing the string. :smiley_confused_sch Anyways, got that out, got my dad's old reel, bought some new string and a new arrow, and went at it.... and I SUCK! Amyways, my buddy dan and I walked the creek for a while and I managed three. I am proud of my accomplishment, even if I did poke right at my feet. :smiley_champ:

So, here's some pics.

Oh, and apparently Milo is gonna learn me a thing or 20 about bow fishin. :smiley_breakdance: