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My mentor could use a beer...


Junior Member
Greene county
Ole pops gone never forgotten. A man that could put a smile on anyones face and make any crack a laugh. To you pops. Gone never forgotten.


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Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
I had a talk with my daughter last night as she was wondering how I deal with these things so easily. The answer was simple. My support system is huge. It is also you guys. I know I could call or count on many of you. Even the ones I don't know personally. This place is awesome and you guys have all helped me these past 3 years with this. In turn my mind has been healthy enough to be that rock for the family. Thank you all!

I also told her the key was to not be scared to show yourself. Ugly people are just that and you can't change or control that. Sometimes good people come together because one person opened up and wasn't afraid someone was gonna hurt them somehow. Weakness and fear are natural, but shouldn't be stuffed away. Face that shit or it'll never go away. Who cares if someone is ugly, that is a them problem, not a you problem.