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my new remington 597

i baught a stock remington 597 22 lr , took it to a gunsmith i know and had him do some work the the barrel rerifling and such not sure all what he did havent asked him yet , really not worried about what he did cause its giving me some hellish groups, it took me awhile to find out what ammo it liked

it didnt like the remington golds, thunderbolts, stingers , or yellow jackets, i put some cci mini mags in and this is what i got. needless to say im very very happy shes dead on at 40 yards

wait i have the yardages back wards the 50 is actually the 100 and the 100 is the fifty yard group
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my remington didnt like nothing but the cci mini mags , it wouldnt even keep a pattern with the other brands , it would shoot all over the place out past 30 feet, now my marlin 60 shoots alot of different ammo very well , but i put some cci stingers through it yesterday , oooooooo buddddddyyyyyy , if it would cycle the shells it would be a squirrel eye shooting machine